Video Poem?

Very recently I’ve been overcome by an obsession with video and video production.  Almost all of my shots are videos of still images I see.  I just simply replace the sills camera with the video camera on a tripod.

So I’ve been putting some of this material together into short clips, not focusing on making traditional pieces, but more on making short evocative moments.  For the time being I’m calling them Video Poems (we’ll see if the name sticks.)

Here’s one from an air assault I shot a few weeks back in Afghanistan.

3 Responses to “Video Poem?”

  1. Sebastian,

    First, big fan (from afar). I’ve known Jo Frances (as a neighbor in Charlestown) for over a decade and come to know your dad as well. (Indeed, I’m their ‘estate planning’ attorney.) I remember how proudly your dad shared the terrific photo that was front page NYTimes some time ago. I’m impressed and humbled by your work and committment. (I lived and worked in Western Europe for nearly 10 years and know the trials and tribulations of being abroad. Paris, however, is a far cry from the sites you have lived in. So – bravo to you.)

    And, perhaps more importantly, as Veteran’s Day comes to a close here in Boston I did want to pass along my heartfelt best wishes to Jon and his family and all other families of the troops that serve us so fiercely well. I do struggle with the politics of it all. But, fundamentally, am proud to be an American and be represented (and protected) by such brave young men and women. Hats off to them all !

    Looking forward to meeting you in person someday…


  2. Tamana says:

    The more I read and watch your work, the more I get proud to have met you in real.

  3. Rob says:

    Its crazy how you don’t realise its a video for the first few seconds… Looking forward to seeing some more man.

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